Key Cabinet Solution in Egypt

Key Cabinet Solution


Key Box Solutions is your #1 online source for key cabinets, key boxes, and accessories to suite your key storage needs.  Proudly matching government, military, university, and commercial customers with the best product to suit their needs!


Through advanced system design and technology, Traka offers a wide range of key cabinets designed to meet the needs and size of your organization. Traka products and software give you a complete solution to provide fully-controlled access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery, lockers and vehicles through an advanced key storage and management system.

Modular and scalable, our key cabinets can be customized for any application:

  • V-Series – manages up to 5 keysets
  • M-Series – manages up to 20 keysets
  • S-Series – manages up to 60 keysets
  • L-Series – manages up to 180 keysets

Traka’s Intelligent Key Cabinet Features

  • Ensure keys are available 24/7
  • Restrict key access to authorized users only
  • Instantly know who accessed a key, and when
  • Identify keys that have not been returned
  • Determine frequency of use of a particular key and for how long
  • Produce detailed audit reports and usage information
  • Receive notifications via email or SMS text
  • Centrally manage systems across multiple remote sites
  • Easy integration with 3rd-party platforms for ease of administration and the ability to drive processes

Key Cabinet Customization Features

To ensure enhanced security and tracking, Traka also offers locking and non-locking Receptor Strips. Locking receptor strips restrict access from personnel or to the key itself, while non-locking strips are ideal for organizations that require less security but still need audits.

No matter the size of your organization or facility, Traka’s innovative key cabinet system provides a complete security solutions allowing for the growth of your company and security efforts. When additional keys or secured areas need to be managed, our cabinets and corresponding receptor strips can be expanded upon or linked together to create one fully-integrated system.


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