speedgates turnstile in Egypt

speed gates turnstile in Egypt

We have engineered our turnstile products line with your needs in mind: Performance, aesthetics, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Our unique internal turnstile mechanisms offer superior durability. In fact, our turnstiles are tested to well over two million operations — equivalent to many years of continuous, real-world service. We know how critical uptime is for you. So we’ve left nothing to chance.

In addition to turnstile and crowd control products, we offer design assistance for new installations, as well as custom fabricated devices.

Lane Optical Turnstile


Simply Elegant- Technically Advanced
Haywards EZ Lane is an aesthetically pleasing, barrier free optical turnstile solution for high rise buildings gates, government centers gates, education campus gates and corporate headquarters gates. The EZ Lane models are designed and built to withstand a rigorous access control environment while offering graceful passage. At KKC KSA, Egypt; we provide free quote estimates for EZ lane Optical Turnstile.

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Tripod Turnstiles



The LC 100 is the perfect waist-high turnstile for a variety of applications, ranging from athletic facilities, cafeterias, and schools, to amusement parks,stadium turnstiles, and office building turnstiles. Its elegant yet rugged design has been built to withstand the abuse of a mass transit system while maintaining a price that is affordable to businesses at all levels

Durable and reliable, with an easy to service mechanism
The LC 100 Turnstile uses Hayward ‘s heavy-duty mechanism, which was designed and built to withstand the abuse of a modern day, high-traffic subway station. The components are fabricated both from hot rolled carbon steel and stainless steel. All steel parts are coated with black oxide and oil for protection. All shafts and pivot points are stainless steel and rotate about bronze or ball bearings. The turnstile mechanism is field upgradeable to add a variety of options.

Servicing of the LC 100 Turnstile is a cinch
All parts are easily reached without the removal of the mechanism from the cabinet and most servicing take only a matter of minutes. Compare and you will see that the LC 100 Turnstile surpasses the competition in quality, durability, and serviceability — and is the only turnstile mechanism that offers an all bearing construction.

Compare the reliability, durability, and overall cost of our Model LC 100 turnstile to any turnstile on the market. We’re confident that you will find that it’s not only the least expensive turnstile to purchase, it is the least expensive to own for astadium turnstile or office building turnstiles.


The LC 100 Turnstiles may be ordered in a variety of different configurations. Please call for details. At KKC KSA, Egypt; we provide free quote estimates for LC 100 Waist High Turnstile.

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Airport Swinglane

The self-boarding security gate

The Airport Swinglane is a new generation self-boarding security lane that combines a high level of security with passenger comfort. The Airport Swinglane can be used to give passengers more control over their boarding process and free up ground personnel for more customer focussed tasks, ensuring an improved passenger experience.

Air- and seaport solutions

The Airport Swinglane gives passengers the possibility to take control of their own boarding process, to enable access to the air- or seacraft they will be travelling on. It ensures a quick and efficient boarding process, shorter queues and increased passenger satisfaction.

The Airport Swinglane can be used in a variety of terminal security situations, including boarding and transfers, all with the strictest security. Thus offering the perfect terminal security solution for both sea- and airports.

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