Banknote Bundling

banknote bundling Egypt


Safe money with banding

The banknotes should be in stacked bundles of 100. Afterwards these stacks should be banded into bundles of 10. The banknotes must be banded without any damage to the edges what so ever, such as cracks or creases. In addition it must be guaranteed that each bundle has exactly 100 notes. A capacity up to 100,000 counted and banded banknotes per hour is required






The advantages of choosing MABAS SBM-95
  • Banding fully corresponds to international standards of central banks
  • The technology allows to save the time
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty
  • Compact
  • No need for manual banding
  • Strong banknotes banding
  • You can enter  8 operators into system
  • The possibility for the operator is counting and banding  at the same time

Mabas sbm-95 is the second generation of Mabas sbm machine series, which presents a money banding with no analogues

This unit is designed for easy, fast and secure principles. Qualities that distinguishes this machine from others is automatical money pusher and print on a roll. It’s the unique machine in the world with such opportunities.



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