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LIDIX is a leading-edge technology provider with a reliable quality was established in 2008 based in South Korea .
We’re always trying to provide more accurate machines with the advanced technology to the customers
throughout the North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


lidix ML-2V

Lidix ML-2VS 1.5 pocket Authenticator

Superior Performance
Quick Booting System
6 Different Image Acquisition
The Fastest Speed (1500 notes/min)
Dual CIS and Dual Side Serial Number Recognition




Lidix ML-2F

Lidix ML-2FS Fitness Sorter

Superior Performance
Fitness Sorting & Authenticity Detection
Quick Booting System
6 Different Image Acquisition
Dual Side Serial Number Recognition





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Since 1983 Magner has been dedicated to offering machines of the highest quality and performance at competitive prices. At Magner we’ve mastered both the art and science of currency processing. The art is in the development of unique solutions to your unique problems. The science is in the creating and using state of the art technology to implement these solutions.

magner 155 egypt

Magner 155V


The NEW Magner 155V is a compact, user friendly 1.5 pocket banknote sorter. The machine utilizes a modern 5” touch-screen LCD display and high speed value counting, as well as some of the most trusted methods of counterfeit detection on the market. The Magner 155V can also accept multi-currency as well as recognize banknote serial numbers at 800 notes per minute. The modern and space efficient design, along with a wide range of applications, deliver a versatile, affordable and reliable currency counter.




Magner 152 – Dual CIS

User friendly interface for optimal efficient operation and time savings menus.

Magner 152 enables contains the ability to have 20+ currencies at one time allowing the operator more reliable performance in one combination.

Super detection Using a full magnetic range sensor, Dual RGB CIS sensors, FL UV type, IRR , IRT, all in an effort to provide you the best possible detection and reliable performance.




 Russian-based international group that develops and manufactures the cash handling equipment (banknote counters, sorters, packaging machines, counterfeit detectors), and the self-service systems (ATMs, kiosks), and the software applications


2-Pocket banknote counter DORS 800 

DORS 800 is intended for counting of Egyptian Pound ,US Dollars, US Dollars, Euro and other world currencies with simultaneous authenticity verification, denomination recognition and with note sorting by orientation, face and denomination.



Contact Us : Al-Kauthar Al-Khaleej- Egypt for Electronic & Technological Systems. , Tel: +2 02-26714385 , Fax: +2 02-26714394 , Mob: +201271925738 , E-mail: