Counterfeit Detectors

DORS 1200

Universal Viewing Counterfeit Detector

The DORS 1200 is a compact and affordable counterfeit detector designed for comprehensive visual authenticity verification of banknotes and other security printing documents. It differs favourably by its exclusive functionality, high effectiveness and quality performance.

dors 1200-1


  • Built-in Video Camera with IR-Filter

The DORS 1200 comes with built-in video camera that functions to capture image of the banknote or document and transfer it to the monitor.

  • Combined Lighting

The DORS 1200 is supported by various lighting to ensure the accuracy and security of detection.

    • Two-band upper IR-lighting to check the special “M” marks applied to some currencies, securities, document and excise duty stamps
    • Upper UV-lighting to check the absence of general luminescence background, presence of fluorescent UV-marks, threads, fibres, and images
    • Upper oblique white lighting to provide verification of printing types, images made by optically variable inks in reflected oblique white light
    • Bottom white diffused lighting to check the presence of protective elements, such as watermarks, micro perforation, fibers, matching images, location of code patterns on both sides of banknotes in diffused white light
  • Sensor Control Panel

The DORS 1200 controls the quality of detection through a set of corresponding buttons on the control panel.

    • Infrared control
    • Ultraviolet control
    • Transmission IR-control
    • Special “M”-mark control
    • Reflected oblique white light control
    • Transmitted white light control
    • Size control
  • Viewing Area

The DORS 1200 viewing area is wide enough to enable an instant yet reliable detection of single banknote and documents. User can adjust the parameters of brightness and contrast image of image displayed on the monitor to user’s eyesight, making working with DORS 1100 more convenient.

  • Integration Capability

The DORS 1200 can be integrated with either of the following external devices:

    • DORS 10 for optical control with magnification 10х
    • DORS 15 for infrared/magnetic control
    • DORS 1010 for infrared and reflected oblique white light control with magnification 10х
    • DORS 1020 for infrared , UV, and reflected oblique white light control with magnification 10х


Dimensions (W x D x H) 234 x 152 x 224 mm3
Monitor Colour 3, 5 “(89mm), LCD-TFT monitor
Detectable Document Banknotes of any denominations, securities, passports, traveller’s cheque, duty stamps, and other   security printing document possessing infrared and other security features
Weight (Net/Gross) 1.13kg
Power Supply



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