LED Solutions


Complete LED Display Solutions

Kauthar Al Khaleej  providing you with the most complete product lineup in the industry to deliver the most
up-to-date digital display solutions. Our range of products spans from message displays to scoreboards and beyond, keeping your budget in mind and delivering excellent return on investment.

LED Video Displays,Screens


Displaying Advertisement information in large screen format.

> Full Color Indoor & Outdoor

> Street Advertisement Displays

> Rental Indoor & Outdoor Displays

> Curtain Advertisement Screen

> Digital Signage System


 Message Displays

> Text Message Indoor & Outdoor

> Stock Displays

> Picture Sign


Digital Clocks & Timing,Scoreboards

For Digital GPS Accurate Timing,For all sports and competition levels

> Digital Clocks Indoor/Outdoor GPS

> Countdown Displays

> All Sports Scoreboards

> Swimming Pool System