UL Listed Speed Gate Turnstiles and Entrance Controls

 UL Listed Speed Gate Turnstiles and Entrance Controls

Optical Turnstile - Glass gate 150

Optical Turnstile – Glass gate 150

Optical Turnstile – Glass gate 150


A popular model of the Fastlane Speedgate range with an open feel enclosure utilising dual glass barrier panels, operating in a bi-directional normally closed mode. This turnstile provides pedestal height glass barriers in an elegant, light and compact footprint.

The Fastlane Glassgate 150 model has dual glass swing barriers, the size of the glass panels are supplied for either a standard lane width of 660mm or for a wider width of 914mm to provide disabled access compliant to the DDA or ADA regulations. The enclosure is supplied using stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish, with options for other materials and finishes on request. The pedestal top is stainless steel and features Black Quartz Corian inserts to facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers.

turnstiles in egypt

speedgates turnstile in Egypt

speed gates turnstile in Egypt

Fastlane Speed gates offer a sleek and stylish choice when you need to balance security requirements with aesthetic desires. With highly reflective surfaces of glass and steel creating a well-proportioned look that is professional and modern, they fit perfectly in visitor receptions, lift lobbies and VIP areas of some of the World’s most iconic buildings.

Speedgates use the very latest in high tech entrance control systems for pedestrian throughput, ensuring only one person gains access for each authorised card presented. They are as simple to use as they are pleasing to the eye and, with the capability to process 60 people per minute, offer a wide range of design choices to complement your environment. The Speedgate category of optical turnstiles utilises glass barriers as a physical deterrent, the barriers either retract into the turnstile pedestal or are of the very popular swing barrier type of barrier.

Why Choose Fastlane Speedgates?

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IP Connectivity

Communicate with the turnstile over computer networks via Fastlane Connect, which features a web page generator in each turnstile to allow remote connection over TCP/IP from any authorised computer or mobile device connected to the network. A detailed remote control facility is included and operable without additional software via a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer. Remote controls include single and visitor access, card not required, lane closed and barrier free operation.


Leader in the design and manufacture of automatic barriers up to 12 metres long, RIB offers a wide range of systems for control of access, equipped with special motorized systems for automatic rod re-connection.




Entrance Gates

Entrance Gate in Egypt

Entrance Gate in Egypt

Entrance Gates are typically provided for a wide access point within an entrance control system, for general access requiring a wider than DDA compliant lane.

The Fastlane Entrance Gate range offers the Intelligate as a unique dual barrier with optical monitoring between the pedestals, to detect and report unauthorised access. Also in the range, Fastlane Passgates are based on the Intelligate models without optical monitoring.


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