Clock System


We offer a suite of six different clock types for various installations which include time synchronization NTP system, tower clocks, clocks, custom, large floral clocks, and cupola clocks. Kauthar Al Khaleej Can also design and fabricate clocks based on your custom requirements to fit your specific application.


Tower Clocks, Projecting Clocks, Custom Wall Clocks

Wall and Tower Clocks

Wall & Tower Clocks Click for wall clock information

Fast production turnarounds backed by fully insured installation, maintenance, and repair options available around the world.

Digital Bell Systems

Digital Bell Systems Click for bell chiming and church bell systems

Two digital bell systems to choose from, offering the perfectly replicated sound of 32 and 64 bell-chiming and tune libraries.

Design Your Own Dial

Design Your Own Dial Click to design your own clock dial online

It’s easy to design your dial face right now! Select from traditional and modern hand/marker styles on different backgrounds.

 Cupola Clocks

  Cupola Clocks


Floral Clocks


Floral Clocks


For churches, corporate offices, skyscrapers, universities, schools, museums, clock towers

The architectural features of a tower are highlighted by the addition of a clock. Custom-designed to reflect the look and character of your setting, tower clocks can be either surface-mounted, recessed, or enclosed in a drum.

Custom Projects

We specialize in custom projects and can work with you to design anything. If you don’t see the design or solution you are looking for or if you have something else in mind, call us at (966) 4591115381



Master Clock System 


NTP Time Synchronization System

Times change. But the need for precise, synchronized timekeeping systems remains constant. For over a decade, Our Company has been at the forefront of innovation, and perfectly in sync with the diverse needs of our clients. Today we’re proud to offer the most reliable and advanced line of IP, wired, and wireless clocks in the world… along with a level of service that is unsurpassed in this or any industry.



SMA 3000 Series Master Clock

Sapling’s new SMA 3000 series master clock comes fully equipped with a crisp LED readout and a backlit two line LCD display. Programming the SMA 3000 with up to 800 events is easy with the 2X8 rubber tactile keypad. The SMA 3000 comes standard with SNTP capability for synchronization to any SNTP web site. The clock has two pre-programmed relays that are dedicated for synchronous wired clock systems. The master clock can be purchased with a built-in transmitter for sending out the signal wirelessly to Sapling wireless analog and digital clocks. A GPS can be added as a supplement to the already feature-rich clock for even more accurate timekeeping. The SMA 3000 also has a variety of additional options that can be purchased separately, such as a fully functional web interface for controlling the master clock from any computer on a network or via a crossover cable. The master clock also has the ability to have its own SNTP server that other devices can point to in order to receive time via SNTP. With the ability to handle up to 8 auxiliary zones (optional), the SMA 3000 is able to handle a variety of applications such as bell scheduling, lights, etc.


  • Backlit two line LCD display and LED display with 2X8 rubber keypad
  • Up to 800 events can be programmed
  • Automatic bi-annual daylight savings time (when used as a primary master clock)
  • Two pre-programmed relays for correction of synchronous systems such as 59 minute correction, 58 minute correction and National Time or Rauland
  • Optional GPS and/or transmitter option for increase system flexibility
  • Optional web interface for complete control of the master clock from any computer via LAN connection or through a crossover cable
  • Interfaces with many systems such as 59 minute correction, 58 minute correction, National Time or Rauland and Dukane
  • Available in rack mount or wall mount
  • UL, cUL and FCC approved