CCTV Systems

 Genie UK
Genie CCTV Ltd is a British born company based just 30 minutes outside London.Genie-UK proud of international reputation – exporting to over 30 countries, we’ve aimed for business with a personable feel. Our close-knit team has meant our roots guide our decisions and enable us to remain flexible to change and – most importantly – our customers needs.
With ISO9001 accreditation, we’ve been able to assure our customers delivery on time, an above-the-norm product quality & service, and fewer returned products & complaints.


As one of the leading manufacturers of CCD cameras & Video equipment for CCTV Surveillance System in Taiwan with ISO 9001 Quality Certification and more than 18 years of solid experience in the worldwide market, J&S, established since 1988, carries a comprehensive range of products from analog hardware to the latest Digital & Network solutions of any specialist manufacturers on the world now to provide quality solution and support for all your requirement on CCTV Surveillance & DVR equipment.

With all manufacturing, engineering, quality control, marketing and administrative operation located at Taiwan head office as well as the production lines both in Taiwan and China, J&S delivers more than 30,000 pieces of CCD cameras and DVRs per month to meet customers, requirement throughout the world.




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