The HomeLand Digital Colour UVSS is an effective and reliable surveillance system for inspecting the undercarriage of vehicles, by presenting a clear and clean image of the underside of vehicles when it is driven over the screening unit. It exposes the undercarriage from all makes and models for explosive devices, suspicious objects, contraband which includes drug and personnel.

Digital Colour UVSS Screening Unit consists of high-resolution camera, halogen illumination units and protective housing. It is designed for surface mounted or flushed deployment.

The Power and Interface Unit is a junction for all the cables and power supply.

The Operating Unit is equipped to have vehicle undercarriage image capturing and system integration software for image consolidation which allowed the user to view a complete vehicle undercarriage image through the LCD screen.

Features & Capabilities

  • High resolution camera to provide high quality image of at least 4096 x 5000 pixel for inspection.
  • Produce high quality of screening images within reasonable vehicle access speed of 60km per hour.
  • Ability to capture image in 3 seconds.
  • System is capable of screening vehicles of all sizes, from motorcars to lorries and container trucks.
  • Images can be retrieved and archived into a database, CDs or DVDs. All images are archived with automatic date & time stamping for future review and investigation.
  • Security feature using password entry for log-in and information retrieval purpose.
  • Easy maintenance
  • It is designed for either surface mounted or flushed deployment.
  • System can be integrated with optional features such as LPRS (License Plate Recognition System), General Scene Camera, barriers, etc. as a comprehensive security solution.